Friday, April 07, 2006

April 7th Update: Blog Opens!

Hi everyone! This blog is mostly dedicated to Cheer Chen lyrics/pinyin, I will do English translations in the future (not this month, because currently I am very busy studying for AP exams *_^) on a request base, so please email me at if you're interested in a specific Cheer song's English translation.

Well, enjoy! Of course, all the video credits goes to wonderful youtube uploaders! When I have time, I'll do a proper credit in the introduction :o)

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Media : Live : Cheer Live @ Fish Leong's Concert

Cheer Live @ Fish Leong's Concert

Media : Others : Cheer Short Film 青空

Cheer Online Short Film 青空 (Sky of Blue)

Pt. 1

Pt. 2

Media : Live : Cheer Live @ Qing Da University

旅行的意义 (Travel is Meaningful/The Significance of Traveling)



太聪明 (Too Smart)

还是会寂寞 (Lonely Without You)


Media : Others: Cheer Chen Concert News

2005 Concert News

Media : MV : 表面的和平 (KTV Version)

表面的和平 (Surface/Peaceful On the Surface) KTV

Media : MV : 九份的咖啡店

九份的咖啡店 [Coffee Shop with Nine Portions] MV

Media : MV : 告诉我

告诉我 (Tell Me) MV