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Cheer Lyrics Index

Track Title Format:
Chinese Title (Cheer's English Translation/My English Translation)

At times I feel the need to do a literal translation ^_^

When Cheer's English translations aren't available, the format will be:
Chinese Title [My English Translation]

Demo 1
(Released September 1997)

1. 狂恋 [Love Crazily]
2. 孤岛 (Island)
3. 嫉妒 (Jealous)
4. 让我想一想 (Think Twice/Let Me Think)

让我想一想 (Let Me Think)

(Released July 1998)

01. 让我想一想 (Think Twice/Let Me Think)
02. 微凉的你 (September/The Gentle Cool You)
03. 会不会 (Will You)
04. 情歌 (Love Song)
05. 和你在一起 (With You)
06. 嫉妒 (Jealous)
07. 孤岛 (Island)
08. 孩子 (Miss Children)
09. 天使 (Devil/Angel)
10. 漫漫长夜 (Longly Longly Night/Slow Long Night)

Demo 2 - Cheer's Walkman
(Released March 2000)

1. 夜游 (Night Trip)
2. Enemy
3. 温室花朵 (Dying in Your Love/Greenhouse Flowers)
4. 慢歌3 (Explain/Slow Song 3)
5. 微凉的你 (September/The Gentle Cool You)

还是会寂寞 (Still Going To Be Lonely)
(Released April 2000)

01. 越洋电话 (After Calling You/Transoceanic Phone Call)
02. 我的骄傲无可救药 (Selfish/My Selfishness Has No Cure)
03. 还是会寂寞 (Lonely Without You) [Lyrics Translated]
04. 下午三点 (3pm)
05. 温室花朵 (Dying in Your Love/Greenhouse Flowers)
06. 午餐的约会 (Lunch Date)
07. 等待 (Waiting for You)
08. 慢歌3 (Explain/Slow Song 3)
09. 告诉我 (Tell Me)
10. 慢歌1 (Slow #1)
11. 灵感 (Gift/Inspiration)

Demo 3
(Released November 2001)

01. 他唱起歌来了 [He's Singing]
02. 坐火车到传说中的湘南海岸 [Going to Xiang Nan Coast by the Train]
03. 妈妈睡了 [Mom is Sleeping]
04. 我喜欢木村拓哉 [I like Kimura Takuya]
05. 朋友 [Friend]
06. 其实我很羡慕你 [The Fact Is I Really Envy You]
07. 星期天的下午 [Sunday Afternoon]
08. 我有一套限量的约翰蓝侬纪念邮票 [I Have a Limited Edition Set of John Lennon Commemorative Stamps]
09. 我还是如此的清醒 [I'm Still This Clear-headed]
10. 我终于懂了 [I Finally Understand]
11. 梦 [Dream]
12. 黄色的浮板 [Yellow Floating Board]
13. 我们连觉也没睡决定连夜赶去访艾立克克莱普顿 [We Decided to Not Sleep and Hurriedly Traveled During the Night to Visit Eric Clapton]
14. 歌迷 [Singer Fan]
15. 整个世界的黑暗 [The Entire World's Darkness]
16. 九份的咖啡店 [Coffee Shop with Nine Portions]

(Released August 2002)

01. 我亲爱的偏执狂 (Miss Paranoid/My Dear Paranoia)
02. 太聪明 (Too Smart)
03. 小步舞曲 (A Little Step/Minuet)
04. 1234567
05. 随便说说 (Say Something/Casually Speaking)
06. 躺在你的衣柜-Guitar (In My Closet/Lying In Your Closet)
07. A Practice
08. 吉他手 (Groupies/Guitarist) [Lyrics Translated]
09. 黑眼圈 (Black Eyes)
10. 就算全世界与我为敌 (Enemy/Even If The Whole World Treat Me As An Enemy)
11. 小尘埃 (Metaphor/Little Dust)
12. 不应该 (Unavailable/Shouldn't Have Been)
13. 躺在你的衣柜-Piano (In My Closet/Lying In Your Closet)

Sentimental Kills
(Released November 2003)

01. Sentimental Kills

旅行的意义 (The Significance of Traveling/Travel with Sound)
(Released March 2004)

01. 旅行的意义 (Travel with Sound/The Significance of Traveling)

after 17
(Released December 2004)

01. after 17
02. 小小校歌 [Little School Song]

蓝调 The Blues
(Released December 2004)

01. 为什么写静静的生活-OS (Why Write "Quietly Living" - Dialogue)
02. 静静的生活 (Live in Silence/Quietly Living)

CHEER (Best Selection Album)
(March 2005)

01. 九份的咖啡店 [Coffee Shop with Nine Portions]
02. 雨天的尾巴 (沪尾小情歌) [Raining Day's Tail]
03. 让我想一想 (Think Twice/Let Me Think)
04. 还是会寂寞 (Lonely Without You)
05. 躺在你的衣柜 (Guitar)
06. 吉他手 (Groupies/Guitarist)
07. 告诉我 (Tell Me)
08. 会不会 (Will You)
09. 太聪明 (Too Smart)
10. 小步舞曲 (A Little Step/Minuet)
11. 孩子 (Miss Children)
12. 慢歌3 (Explain/Slow Song 3)
13. 嫉妒 (Jealous)
14. 温室花朵 (Dying in Your Love/Greenhouse Flowers)
15. 就算全世界与我为敌 (Enemy/Even If The Whole World Treat Me As An Enemy)

华丽的冒险 (A Fabulous Adventure)
(Released September 2005)

01. 旅行的意义 (Travel is Meaningful/The Significance of Traveling) [Lyrics Translated]
02. 腐朽 (Full Moon/Decay)
03. Sentimental Kills
04. 华丽的冒险 (Adventure/A Fabulous Adventure) [Lyrics Translated]
05. 太多 (Too Much) [Lyrics Translated]
06. 花的姿态 (Flower/The Posture of Flower)
07. Self [Lyrics Translated]
08. 80%完美的日子 (80% Perfect Days)
09. 表面的和平 (Surface/Peaceful On the Surface)
10. 静静的生活 (Live in Silence/Quietly Living)
11. 最初的起点 (Businesswoman/The Very Beginning)

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