Tuesday, February 12, 2008

February 12th Update: Instrumentals & Translations

Hey everyone - I've added some more instrumentals of Cheer's songs and also a couple of English translations. Here are the new updates:

Instrumental Additions:

和你在一起 (With You)

等待 (Waiting for You)
慢歌3 (Explain/Slow Song 3)

九份的咖啡店 [Coffee Shop with Nine Portions]

太聪明 (Too Smart)

静静的生活 (Live in Silence/Quietly Living)
最初的起点 (Businesswoman/The Very Beginning)

English Translations:

还是会寂寞 (Lonely Without You)
吉他手 (Groupies/Guitarist)
旅行的意义 (Travel is Meaningful/The Significance of Traveling)
华丽的冒险 (Adventure/A Fabulous Adventure)
太多 (Too Much)


David said...

Thank you sooooo much! i really like your page, its been so long without an update. where did you get these great instrumentals from?

Anonymous said...

Cool site. Just wanted to mention, "九份的咖啡店" should probably be translated as "The Coffeeshop in Jiufen." 九份 is a town in Taiwan.